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Finally able to get my dream job

I would like to say a big thank you for the organizers of the two-week training at SSC. The program has been so enlightening and explosive. The program was well organized and impactful with loads of information that will channel one’s path to great lines. I learnt a lot during this program, and I believe the sky is my limit.

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Hands-on-practicum session helped me to start my career in Canada

I really appreciate the input of Success Skills Centre in organizing the Hands-On-Practicum session for immigrants.  It accorded me the platform to obtain a mentorship in jump-starting my career in Canada.  I believe I have been equipped with the requisite skills to be successful on my job search interview and then job. I just want to say thank you Success

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Helped to polish my soft skills

When I came to SSC, it was difficult for me to narrow down or tailor my skills to a particular specialization and industry.  The information I gathered throughout the session helped me to understand my skills and the kind of entry-level job I should be looking for.  More so, I have a stronger understanding of my soft skills and how

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Succeed to understand Canadian work environment

When I first heard of Success Skills Centre, I did not imagine the immerse impact it will have on my career. From the great reception at the front desk to the excellent support system from all the Labour Specialists, the overall system in place is wonderful. I have learnt new and efficient way of presenting my résumé, cover letter, reference

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